EmComm is an important aspect of amateur radios and becomes vital to us in Florida when the wx kicks up. EmComm in Sarasota is handled by SARACS Sarasota County Auxiliary Communications Service. Visit their web site for up to date details.
In order to participate in EmComm you must be trained. FEMA offers a number of required courses. Details on current requirements are on the SARACS web site: SARACS Training web page

Sarasota 2016 Shelter Map (Link)

What to do in case of a local emergency:

  • Make yourself and family safe.
  • Turn on your cell phones
  • Make sure you weather alert radio is turned on and functioning properly.
  • Monitor the Sarasota EOC Facebook page ( Link ) and Twitter page ( Link ).
  • Monitor the two EOC/ACS frequencies listed in the right sidebar under Other Nets:
    • If the EOC is activated and there is an active emergency net in operation it will be on one of the listed repeaters.
    • You can join the net by checking in.
      • Follow the net controller’s instructions OR give your call sign, repeat using phonetics; clearly and distinctly
      • You do not have to be an ACS member to participate in an emergency net. local observations are very important.
  • Monitor the SKYWARN frequency listed in the right sidebar under Other Nets:
    • If a SKYWARN net is operational follow the net controller’s instructions

You will NOT be notified in case of a local emergency unless there is sufficient lead time (days).


  • Add the weather alert app to your cell phone ( Link ).
  • Purchase and use a NOAA weather radio with alerts ( Link ).
  • Install the FEMA Mobile App ( Link ).
  • Create bookmarks to the Sarasota EOC Facebook page ( Link ) and Twitter page ( Link ).

Program you radio(s) for the ACS and SKYWARN frequencies.


Sarasota EmComm frequencies:
In Sarasota County, the Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS), working as volunteers for Emergency Management, will staff the Communications Room at the EOC during activations and drills.
The ACS callsign at the EOC is WC4EM and, when conditions warrant, we will be conducting controlled nets using the following frequencies.
In order of probable primary and secondary usage:


SARNET (State wide repeater network): 444.800 + PL 100 (Note: read the website before keying on this frequency ( http://www.sarnetfl.com/ )

Also, the wide area repeater on 145.430- (100Hz) may be a source for weather information.

We recommend that your radio equipment be preprogrammed with these frequencies and their associated alpha numeric labels. This will enable quicker activation at your location and fewer errors. With advanced notice, ACS is available to assist with testing and evaluating your radio systems.
Remember, periodic checking of your radio equipment and practice in setting it up is a good way to insure that you will be ready!

ACS – Deputy Radio Officers:
Bob Davisson (KA4BOB)

Ed Gansen (K8DSS)


Link to : ARES/RACES/ACS/SKYWARN Volunteer Registration Database
(Thanks to Eddie Palmer K4JP for help on this)