Revision History



2.02 8/25/15 Debugged the constant transmit so it works properly.Squelch break detector added with user selectable level to avoid transmission collisions.
2.01 8/20/15 Code Cleanup.Consolidate menu code. Replace call and comment editors with a single test editor.Added Display On Off control:

  • User can turn display off to save battery life.
  • Display auto on for menus
2.00 7/7/15 Tracker with single knob menu. Fully functional.
1.00 Tracker without a menu. This revision is available on the W2DEN GitHub site but will not be updated.All menu items up to V 2.00 are embedded in the code


There are links scattered throughout this project and some that are not that would be helpful to anyone getting involved with APRS. While it is difficult to maintain a ‘links’ list it is important enough to include here.

Client Software

Applications for your computer.

AGW Tracker From SV2AGW. Not tested but is supposed to be an up to date APRS client.

APRSIS/32 This is the newest APRS desktop client. it is kept up to date and a very useful tool. If you want APRS on your computer this is where to start.

UI-View 32 The ‘standard’ APRS client. This program has been around for a long time and is the ‘goto’ client. It was used extensively for testing this project, now being replaced by APRSIS.

APRS Reference

APRS Symbols This file will always contain the latest information on APRS Symbols (ICONS)

APRS Symbol Overlay and Extensions This file contains the most up to date information on symbol overlays.


Kenwood / Baofeng HT dual mic connector. ( Link )


… to be continued.

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