Packet Radio Suggested Suffixes (SSID)

Blank Home, non-portable stations and digipeaters
– 1 PBBS
-2 … -9 Portable and auxiliary operations
– 5 Digipeaters
– 10 WinLink Gateways
-11 … -15 To be determined

Sarasota Packet Directory ( Map )

Here is a list of known packet stations in Sarasota county.  Unless noted some stations may not be on the air 24/7.




TNC Notes
AJ4AN-10 144.950 KPC3+ Bob’s VHF Winlink Gateway
AJ4FW 144.950 KPC3+ Rick Brown’s Call Ex.. C AJ4FW V N4SER  Connects your Packet Station to AJ4FW
AJ4FW-1   144.950 KPC3+ Rick’s PBBS
AJ4FW-5 144.950 KPC3+ Rick’s Digitpeater (24/7)
144.950 MFJ-1270X Rick Brown’s VHF Winlink Gateway1
N4SER 145.050  KPC3+ SERC’s Club Digipeater (24/7)
N4SER-1 145.050   KPC3+ SERC’s Club PBBS (24/7)
N4SER-3 144.950 KPC2 SERC’s Club Portable Station
N4SER-10 144.950 K9612+ SERC’s WinLink VHF only Gateway1,2
W2DEN 144.950 SC/PK-88 Den’s home WinLink RMS Express client and general packet station
W2DEN-2 144.950 SC/PK-88 Den’s experimental packet station
WB9AYD 7.103714.0987 Gary’s HF Pactor WinLink Gateway … Pactor 1,2,33
WB9AYD-10 144.950  KPC3+ Gary’s VHF WinLink Gateway
WC4EM-1 144.950 KPC3+ ACS BBS
WC4EM-x 144.950 Varies4 ACS Go-Box WinLink Clients (only active as needed)5
WC4EM-5 144.950 KPC3+ EOC/ACS’s  digipeater
WC4EM-10 144.950 KPC3+ EOC/ACS Winlink (RMS Express) client. Only when activated.
W8XG-5 144.950 KPC3+ Brent’s Digipeater
W8XG-10 144.950 KPC3+ Brent’s VHF Gateway
Local Packet Station outside Sarasota County
N4FLA-4 145.050 N4FLA BBS in Clermont, Lake County, Fl [EL98dn] via N4SER


  1. VHF only gateway with radio only hold / forward
  2. Experimental. May be in radio only mode for testing
  3. VHF/HF Hybrid station
  4. Mostly KPC3+ with one KPC2
  5. Go boxes will be preloaded with WC4EM-x where x = 2,3,4,6,7,8,9 and will be changed to the operator’s call / password when activated.

KPC2: Kantronics KPC2 through AGW PE

KPC3+: Kantronics KPC 3+

SC: Soundcard

RED: WinLink Gateways, 24/7 operation