While surfing the internet for APRS Automatic Packet Reporting System information, I came across and article, (there are Many), using an Android or Iphone smart phone. I have an unused Droid HTC and loaded an APP named APRSDroid. I also loaded an APP for my Iphone named PocketPacket.

The software I run on my home computer is aprsisce/32. This is the iGate into the APRS servers. The web site is http://aprsisce.wikidot.com/

You will need a passcode ( Link to Information ) to run APRSISCE/32 as an iGate and attach  to the APRS internet servers. A passcode and can be had following the link above and emailing to the software owner here aprsisce-owner@yahoogroups.com with your name and Call. They are fairly fast in responding. You can obtain a passcode on line here.  An APRS passcode is issued by call and is good for all APRS gateway software.

With just the smart phone, and the loaded APP, connected to the internet or cell service, APRs tracking was possible. This is a track of my mobile station AJ4FW-7 on a trip about town. Tracking is accomplished back through the internet to the APRS servers and then plotted on the various computer APRS mapping. The progression of this project is to use a Bao-Feng radio with an interface cable Adapter as shown in this link: https://github.com/johnboiles/baofenguv5r-trrs connected to my IPhone. I have ordered the parts from the site and the components from www.mouser.com




I just happened to catch this photo while the Radio was Transmitting


I ordered the parts as specified in the references above, but they were way too small for me to do anything with. I could barely see them, (0603) let alone solder them. 0603 is the size of the components. I took a look at another project I had built with the same value components, and the components were listed as 1206, which is double the 0603 part number. They were at least large enough that with a magnifying glass I could solder them to the Printed Circuit Board. Lo and behold it worked the first time out of the box so to speak.


Here is my track around the neighborhood.



Rick Brown AJ4FW