Portable VHF / UHF Antenna

Picture of the set up ( Here )

Marty Lewicke KK4GKT North Port Community Emergency Response Team District Leader, and Logistics Officer came up with a unique solution for his Amateur Radio Portable Antenna.

Here is a hard case Golf Travel Bag painted a nice shade of Hunter Green. Marty’s Amateur Radio Call Letters KK4GKT are stenciled neatly top and bottom.

KK4GKT Ant 1  

Case Contents

KK4GKT Ant 2

  1.  Yellow and Black Misc Bag
  2. Rope for Guy Lines wrapped on short PVC Tubes
  3. Red/Black power wires for Radio
  4. Hammer
  5. RG8X Co-Ax Wrapped on spool
  6. Aluminum J-Pole Antenna
  7. Tent pegs for securing Guy Lines
  8. Spikes for securing legs of Tripod
  9. Tripod for erecting Yellow Mast sections
  10. Yellow Mast sections

Here is the Contents of Marty’s Antenna Solution neatly packed with all of the items needed to erect a portable station.

 KK4GKT Ant 3

Amateur Radio is a great hobby, and as you can see, a little innovation can go a long way.

Great looking project Marty.