Every need a quick 2M and/or 70cm mount on a car or truck?

Perhaps it is a friends car and you really do not want to chance scratching the paint with a mag. mount.

Or in the case of the 2015 Tour de Cure, you’re faced Ford aluminum bodied pickup trucks?

Here’s the answer:

Use a Harbor Freight suction cup (Link) ($2.99) onto any flat window and you have the perfect place for your antenna.

There are various ways to fasten the antenna to the suction cup:

Here’s one using a metal antenna mount clamp: http://www.wd8aye.net/projects.htm Bottom of the page

I built one for magnet mount antennas using a 4″ metal electric box cover plate. Available at your local home improvement store for ~ 70¢ ( Link ).

Add a 19″ whip as a ‘tiger’s tail’ counter poise and you have a great performing mount for your magnetic mount antenna. A metal rib from an old beach umbrella or other stiff wire bent so you can bolt it onto the metal plate. Use a wing nut so the counterpoise can be remove if needed

This mount has survived 70+ MPH with the dual band mag mount antenna … should do just fine for events such as Tour de Cure or using your HT in a friends car without causing any damage

Your Elmer would like to hear your experience with this or similar suction cup designs… pictures would be appreciated and published.


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