To send an unproto message on packet when using the AGW PE system seems easy. Open AGW terminal and just type in the outbox and (U) frames, or unproto frames are sent when you hit the [Enter] key. Simple no?

Now try and add a digipeater to your U frame so you have some coverage and nothing seems to work. The AGW Terminal program just can not do it.

So, what’s a curious ham to do? Find a program that does send U frames through a digipeater….

That program is UISS ( Link ) . This is a rather old program, with active development for sending U frames to the International Space Station. So why not down the block to your buddy ham?

UISS uses AGW PE so will fit right in. Can be left open while you Winlink (it has been tested with RMS E in the AGW E stack) or and is a very nice terminal / monitor in full color.

We’ll not get into the install details, it seems to be an easy process, download and install.

Did I mention it will do APRS with messaging as well.

If time allows a more detailed ‘how to use’ instructions will follow….