Are you a Linux user and looking for a Winlink Client program? Wish RMS Express would work on your Ubuntu desktop or on your portable Raspberry Pi? Well your prayers are answered.

Check out Pat (  ) .

Pat is a well written Winlink email client that functions on most Linux, Apple and Microsoft operating systems.

Patutilizes a terminal, command line, and a GUI, browser, interface.

Pat is easy to set up and to run.

Pat has been tested, by your Elmer, on both Ubuntu 16.04 and Raspbian Stretch without any issues. OK there was one small install issue on Ubuntu, we’ll get to that.

Pat has good support from the author, Martin LA5NTA and a users’ group ( User Group ).


Pat is not complete. While a good Winlink client it is lacking some RMS Express features and there was an issue installing on Unbuntu

Pat does not have a contact list. The Browser auto-fill was anticipated to handle contacts but it is not funtioning as planned. A contact list is forthcoming.

Pat does not handle forms. You can add attachments to a Pat email, just not a form. it looks like work was progressing on froms but is stalled at this time.

The Ubuntu install ran into a conflict with an application called ‘Dist’. Dist had to uninstalled to allow Pat to install. Dist is a programming utility that I did not install and have no idea where it came from So far it has not been missed.