Merci, Danke, Ευχαριστώ, Grazie, Dzięki

Brent W8XG

Brent has been more than generous to SERC, particularly to the SDG effort. Thank you!

Ubiquity Rocket / AM)-2G13 antenna

Numerous Win 7 licenses

A laptop now running our Winlink gateway

Micky KM4BHF

A Win 7 laptop with a new battery.

Laurel Repeater Duplexer Fund

Thanks to all who have contributed to replace the Laurel repeater’s duplexer:

Derek Parker, Dick Hullfish, Eddie Palmer, Jim Broome, Net & Den Spiess, Rick Brown, SERC, 2 J Farms (Chuck Johnston), Joseph Everett, Herb Lauber, Will Wright, Brent Parker, Bill Martin, Doug Reynolds, Bill Franklin, Micky Taylor, Bob Vrabel
 Your contribution here…..
HP 7520HP 7520

Thanks to Brent W8XG SERC now owns an HP 7520 multipurpose printer

Icom IC-781ICOM IC-781

Donated by Steve Stone W9OMV

A great radio, now at the primary SERC operating position.

HP Laptop

On ‘loan’ from the Red Cross. Will be used for SERC’s WinLink and APRS gateways.

Windows 7 Professional

Thanks Doug, KI4RHU. It is already loaded onto the HP laptop and running SERC’s APRS iGate.

Latitude D810

Dell D810Many Thanks to Rich K9RWH

For donating a Dell D810 laptop
It will be set up for contesting (N1MM) and
digital modes (RTTY, PSK etc.)


HamKeyA BIG thanks to Gil Gruson AK4YH
for donating a HAM-KEY Iambic key to the club.
It will make a great addition to the club’s capability

Latitude D600Thanks Bob, KC2MHO for the Dell Latitude DDell D810600 for parts. They’ll come in handy! kpc3_fN4SER Digipeater TNC THANKS to those who contributed:W3DJM, K4FLV, AK4YH, W9SMR, AJ4FW, W2DEN / N2RDX
RigBlaster M8RigBlaster M8

Donated by Doug Reynolds

Used as a proof of concept for non-TNC Packet with a manufactured interface. Will be deployed for portable use or perhaps in the radio room

Thanks Doug

 Have useful hard / software that you no longer need.

SERC is always looking…

??? did I miss you, apologies all around…Remind me and your donation will be posted. Want to help the club??Make a donation, get posted on our Thanks wall