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Here is what the SDG has contributed, both group and personal donation:

  • Pactor Modem
  • 3 Signalink USB Interfaces
  • 2 newer Win 7 computers
  • multiple Win 7 computer upgrades
  • ‘miles’ of coax
  • 2 Polyphasers
  • crimp PL-259’s
  • Ubiquity Rocket
  • Netgear Switch
  • many feet of UV resistant rope
  • R7 antenna
  • 40 / 80M dipole
  • lots of shielded, exterior Cat 5e
  • 3 audio distribution boxes

And: Countless hours… thanks, a great group!

Pactor Modem

P4dragon DR-7800

Thanks: W2DEN / N2RDX, AJ4FW, W8XG, N4LPK, KJ4SV, KI4EFJ, KB2ICN, WB9AYD, W4VIN / KA4BOB, KE8B, K4JBV, W3ATR, KG4ZOW, K4FLV, KE8B, SDN Team, SERC, A Friend of the SDN, SDG, Deer Prairie II Crew, SERC Members, A very generous 3/7 lunch crew

Brent W8XG

Brent has been more than generous to SERC, particularly to the SDG effort. Thank you!

  • Ubiquity Rocket / AM)-2G13 antenna
  • LOTS of lo-loss RG-8U
  • Numerous Win 7 licenses
  • A laptop now running our Winlink gateway
  •  . . .
Micky KM4BHF

A Win 7 laptop with a new battery.

Laurel Repeater Duplexer Fund

Thanks to all who have contributed to replace the Laurel repeater’s duplexer:

Derek Parker, Dick Hullfish, Eddie Palmer, Jim Broome, Net & Den Spiess, Rick Brown, SERC, 2 J Farms (Chuck Johnston), Joseph Everett, Herb Lauber, Will Wright, Brent Parker, Bill Martin, Doug Reynolds, Bill Franklin, Micky Taylor, Bob Vrabel

Thanks Gary (WB9AYD) for an R7 and a 40 / 80M dipole.

Both will be well placed on our towers.

Also a nice piece of RG8x

HP 7520HP 7520

Thanks to Brent W8XG SERC now owns an HP 7520 multipurpose printer

Icom IC-781ICOM IC-781

Donated by Steve Stone W9OMV

A great radio, now at the primary SERC operating position.

HP Laptop

On ‘loan’ from the Red Cross. Will be used for SERC’s WinLink and APRS gateways.

Windows 7 Professional

Thanks Doug, KI4RHU. It is already loaded onto the HP laptop and running SERC’s APRS iGate.

Latitude D810

Dell D810Many Thanks to Rich K9RWH

For donating a Dell D810 laptop
It will be set up for contesting (N1MM) and
digital modes (RTTY, PSK etc.)


HamKeyA BIG thanks to Gil Gruson AK4YH
for donating a HAM-KEY Iambic key to the club.
It will make a great addition to the club’s capability

Latitude D600Thanks Bob, KC2MHO for the Dell Latitude DDell D810600 for parts. They’ll come in handy! kpc3_fN4SER Digipeater TNC THANKS to those who contributed:W3DJM, K4FLV, AK4YH, W9SMR, AJ4FW, W2DEN / N2RDX
RigBlaster M8RigBlaster M8

Donated by Doug Reynolds

Used as a proof of concept for non-TNC Packet with a manufactured interface. Will be deployed for portable use or perhaps in the radio room

Thanks Doug

 Have useful hard / software that you no longer need.

SERC is always looking…

??? did I miss you, apologies all around…Remind me and your donation will be posted. Want to help the club??Make a donation, get posted on our Thanks wall