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Pre-meeting Technical Discussions: What’s a Packet?

6:30 PM July 6, before SERC’s regular meeting

Let’s try something new…

Stating in July we will hold technical discussions before our meeting. The first will be in July and the topic is Packet Radio. Bring your questions.

If you are interested in mentoring a discussion say so at a meeting or e-mail

Thanks Micky KM4BHF for suggesting this!

Hurricane Exercise 2015

Sarasota County Emergency Management will conduct an exercise at the EOC on Friday, July 10, from about 0800 to 1400.
This exercise will simulate post-storm, recovery operations in the wake of a hurricane passing through our area.
ACS will be a participant in this exercise. We will activate the Comm Room at the EOC some time after 0800, depending on the exercise scenario, which is unknown to us at this time. We will use the WC4EM callsign at the EOC and be operating mainly on the 147.39+ (100Hz) SERC Repeater AND 146.58 Simplex. Den, W2DEN, will be “EOC Command” during this simulation.

If you are available to help simulate net operations on the 10th, between 0800 and 1400, it would be appreciated.
You don’t have to be around for the whole time period, we just want people to talk to!


All it takes is a letter to Rep. Vern Buchanan
We CAN make a difference. Take 5 minutes and send a letter to the ARRL as explained in the link.

More information is available : Link

Amateur Radio Testing July 18VE

SERC will hold an ARRL VE Amateur Radio Test session on July 18 from 9 AM until 11 AM at the American Red Cross Sarasota Chapter House 2001 Cantu Ct, Sarasota, FL ‎(Map)

Starting July 1 there is a new General class question pool. Be sure to study the correct one.

For additional information refer to the ARRL site ( click here  ) Or e-mail:

ARRL 2015 Hurricane Season Webinar Set for July 20

The ARRL will host a 2015 Hurricane Season webinar Monday, July 20, getting under way at 8 PM EDT (July 21, 0000 UTC). The approximately 90-minute session will address the role of Amateur Radio during the 2015 Hurricane Season.

Anyone interested in hurricane preparedness and response is invited to attend this online presentation. Topics will include a meteorological overview of the upcoming season; Amateur Radio station WX4NHC at the National Hurricane Center: Who We Are and What We Do; ARRL Media and Public Relations; the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN); the VoIP Hurricane Net, and ARRL coordination and interface.

The program will include presentations by representatives of the National Hurricane Center and WX4NHC, the VoIP Hurricane Net, the HWN, the Canadian Hurricane Centre, and the ARRL. Webinar registration is open to all, but should be of particular interest to radio amateurs in hurricane-prone areas. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.

Register online. — Thanks to Mike Corey, KI1U, ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager

*** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS ***

Rich, K9RWH, is moving to Charlotte,NC and has resigned as SERC’s Secretary. Doug, KI4RHU, will take his place.

Thanks Rich for the excellent job you have done, you will be missed.

Welcome Doug, a long time SERC member and an asset to the club.

We all support you in your new position.

Update: the SERC Digital Repeater Project (DMR)

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts by Bill Martin ( K4JBV ) the SERC 444.600 MHz UHF DMR repeater is now up and running.

There is definitely a learning curve on how to use the incredible capabilities of this machine. If anyone, in or out of SERC, would like to try explaining just how to use this repeater please contact us. A nice write up for the web and possible hosting  pre-meeting technical seminar would be terrific.

For now you can access some information at the following two sites:  (  (

Preliminary: We are planning on having Nick join us via the internet for the August Techie Roundtable to give us a basic primer on DMR. More to come as we firm this up. Please send any questions / topics you want covered to:

The repeater is on loan to SERC, for as long as we utilize it from Nick DeRoda (N2JTI), Micky’s ( KM4BHV) brother. Nick has been an amateur radio operator for 25 years. He climbs towers for a living and resides in NJ. He coached his sister Michele (Micky) who passed the test to become a ham radio operator last year. Michele is an SERC member. Nick donated the DMR repeater and additional support to the club as we get the repeater up and running.  Thank you, Nick!

*** FCC News ***

Need / want a paper copy of that new or upgrade FCC license?

Click here for information on how to get one.


The current Amateur Radio General license exam question pool will expire at mid-night June 30, 2015.

The new question pool goes into effect on July 1, 2015.

The new question pool is available here.


Vanity call sign fee has been dropped ( Click for More Info )

Shacks & Ants

A new photo album has been added ( Link ) called ‘Shacks and Ants’. It will feature your photos of your radio shack, Go Box etc. and your antennas.

Of course we need your pictures to post… so take a snapshot or two fo your shack and antennas and send the to and we will gladly post them.

ARRL Centenial LogoARRL Centennial Awards

The awards are now available

Sign in here follow the instruction in the ‘Award’ tabs.

N2RDX_Front_VeryLoResPaper the Walls

How about adding your QSL card to the N4SER shack’s wall?

Bring one to a meeting or mail one to Den (QRZ address is OK)

We’ll put it up in the shack.

SERC Members only please.

Upcoming events:

July 25 -26, 2015 RSGB IOTA Contest. ( Link ). Great time to start your IOTA collection or fill in some blanks.

September 25-26, 2015 W4DXCC Convention 2015 Pigeon Forge, TN ( Link )

Have you checked into our Wednesday Night Net???

7 PM every Wednesday

146.730 (-) PL 100

WinLink:Winlink Logo

On the air (145.050 MHz):

N4SER-10: e-mail gateway

N4SER digipeater air

DIY: Soundcard WinLink.. how you can put WinLink in your shack without a TNC..

THANKS to those who contributed time and/or $ W3DJM, K4FLV, AK4YH, W9SMR, AJ4FW, W2DEN / N2RDX, K4JBV

Everything you ever wanted to know about WinLink on our Elmer pages: HERE

Want to get more involved?


The Red Cross needs you.

Radio operators are needed to help the Red Cross during a disaster. Working in the Red Cross Chapter House, operating from a shelter etc. If you are interested talk with Den W2DEN and he can help you get signed up..

 SERC Radio Room Upgrade Project

The SERC radio room is slowly being organized and improved.
It started with the tower project that gave us a fabulous 4 band Yagi at 50 feet
The project is moving forward with some very nice donations.
How about helping out…..
Here’s is what we need… :
  • Laptop computer:  Wired and/or wireless network, serial port or serial to USB adapter.
  • Vista, Win7 or Win8 OS… sorry but XP is getting too outdated.
  • Wireless router: wireless G, (G/N would be nice) with at least 4 wired ports.
  • a TNC (see Winlink below).
  • 2 – flat screen monitors… 600 x 800 resolution or more.
  • 2 – usb keyboards.
  • 2 – amplified audio distribution systems for the rig outputs…..
    • Minimum 2 headphone jacks.
    • Speaker.
    • Volume controls.
  • Windom Improvement:
    • The Windom antenna does not function very well… proven during the FL QSO Party.
    • Help is needed to recondition it and put it back up at a higher point on the tower.
  • Additional antenna(s) for HF.
  • A dream: a triplexer and 3 band pass filters for the YAGI so we can run 2 stations into the single antenna!
  • Wire A/C for the amplifier… need 20 amp 110 or 220 vac (preferred) dedicated line.
  • ??? we are looking for suggestions, what would you like to see in the room.

2 computer to radio interfaces are being constructed and should be completed by field day.
This will allow voice keying from the computers as well as digital modes; PSK, RTTY etc.

If you would like to contribute, time, money, equipment please contact any SERC board me