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Upcoming events:

TARC Fest XXXII August 23 8 AM – ??

TARC Clubhouse, 7801 North 22nd Street, Tampa, FL 33601 Contact:

N4XJQ LAMBIEFEST Saturday Sept 13 6 AM – 2 PM

Tropical Gulf Acres Clubhouse,28272 Pasadena Dr, Punta Gorda Fl 33955. Food, Coffe etc. In/Out tables available, contact

Pasco County Hamfest 09/27/2014

Gunn Highway Flea Market, 2317 Gunn Highway, Odessa, FL 33556 Contact


Want to get more involved?


The Red Cross needs you.

Radio operators are needed to help the Red Cross during a disaster. Working in the Red Cross Chapter House, operating from a shelter etc. If you are interested talk with Den W2DEN and he can help you get signed up..


***  Field 2014 Day Wrap Up ***

The Sarasota Emergency Radio Club had a great Field Day:
2014 Field Day

  • 3 Stations on the air (2 SSB, 1 CW) using the club’s beam and windom along with a couple of portable antennas in the parking lot.
  • Some non-hams, hopefully soon to be, got to experience amateur radio first hand and left smiling.
  • We rekindled the ham flame in a few ‘inactive’ hams, hopefully they will continue to enjoy the hobby.
  • Everyone had a great time…
  • Our final score….   were we supposed to keep score?

…. bottom line: we met our primary objective, we had fun.

…       Hope to See you Next year       …


Open House / Elmer Day 

and the
Florida QSO Party Band QSOs Points Multpliers
7 8 16 1
14 272 544 38
21 19 36 8
Non-Ham: Micky Taylor Totals 303 604 49

Logger: N2RDX

Score 29,596

were a huge success. Everyone had a great time! 

Pictures  <<<<<<< Click

Thanks to our volunteers:

Rich K9RWH Radio Room / Fl QSO Party
Dave W3DJM Radio Room / Fl QSO Party
Gil AK4YH CW Demonstration Station
Stan W9SMR PSK Demonstration Station
Net N2RDX Public Relations
Bill K4JBV Repeaters, etc.
Bill & Friends K4FLV Emergency Communications
George W4SMA SOTA Station Demo
Events:  (you MUST register)
  • ‘Be Ready Florida’ free workshops’ MAKE MITIGATION HAPPEN!’ How to prepare your home for hurricanes. Visit their site for more information and to register:  There is lots of additional information on this site… worth taking a look at!


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YW0A DXpedition
Postponed… again …
Will update when the situation changes
NA-020 .. a rare one !
Should be ez from Florida

SERC Radio Room Upgrade Project

The SERC radio room is slowly being organized and improved.
It started with the tower project that gave us a fabulous 4 band Yagi at 50 feet
The project is moving forward with some very nice donations.
How about helping out…..
Here’s is what we need… :
  • Laptop computer:  Wired and/or wireless network, serial port or serial to USB adapter.
  • Wireless router: wireless G, (G/N would be nice) with at least 4 wired ports.
  • a TNC (see Winlink below).
  • 2 – flat screen monitors… 600 x 800 resolution or more.
  • 2 – usb keyboards.
  • 2 – amplified audio distribution systems for the rig outputs…..
    • Minimum 2 headphone jacks.
    • Speaker.
    • Volume controls.
  • Windom Improvement:
    • The Windom antenna does not function very well… proven during the FL QSO Party.
    • Help is needed to recondition it and put it back up at a higher point on the tower.
  • Additional antenna(s) for HF.
  • A dream: a triplexer and 3 band pass filters for the YAGI so we can run 2 stations into the single antenna!
  • Wire A/C for the amplifier… need 20 amp 110 or 220 vac (preferred) dedicated line.
  • ??? we are looking for suggestions, what would you like to see in the room.

2 computer to radio interfaces are being constructed and should be completed by field day.
This will allow voice keying from the computers as well as digital modes; PSK, RTTY etc.

If you would like to contribute, time, money, equipment please contact any SERC board member.
Radio Room Upgrade Donation:

Dell D810


Many Thanks to Rich K9RWH
For donating a Dell D810 laptop
It will be set up for contesting (N1MM) and
digital modes (RTTY, PSK etc.)
Radio Room Upgrade Donation:

A BIG thanks to Gil Gruson AK4YH
for donating a HAM-KEY Iambic key to the club.
It will make a great addition to the club’s capability

Winlink LogoThe Winlink 2000 system at N4SER is QRT due to a blown TNC.
To get back on the air we need a replacement TNC.
If you have one you’d like to donate or would like to sponsor a new one please let Den W2DEN know.
Click the logo for more info
Rotor is fixed!
Thanks to Bill, Bill, Rich, Net and Den the SERC Rotor at the Red Cross building is fully functional

Some of you may remember when SERC was an active Skywarn Club (www., it was a few years ago. There is interest in once again participating in Skywarn. The West Central Florida Group (NI4CE) has the Skywarn nets well covered but there are few, if any, trained Skywarn volunteers in our area.

… SERC would like to sponsor a Skywarn Class sometime in the next year. You must be trained in order to participate!

If anyone would like to volunteer to set up the class with NOAA please contact Al (KI4YEH) or drop an e-mail to


A nice write up in the Florida’s West Coast Region Red Cross July Newsletter   on our Field Day operations:

Ham Radio Club Works out of Sarasotacropped-cropped-SERC_Banner.png

Office for Radio Field Day

The American Red Cross can turn to our amateur radio operators
if we lose communications in our area after a storm. The Sarasota Emergency Radio Club worked out of the Sarasota office to participate in the annual 24 hour Amateur Radio Field Day training. The event involves more than 35,000 certified operators in the US and Canada.
The group was busy logging contacts with other operators throughout the field day. Other local radio groups were set up at different locations in our area. In addition to being vital in emergency situations, users also enjoy the recreational aspect of radio.


FIELD Day 2013 Report:

This was the best field Day I  have yet to attend at the Red Cross Building.

We operated 2F WCF with a GOTA station. Modes: CW, SSB, PSK and RTTY. Good fun!

Final score: 1,910 … Good job to all who participated!


Picture have been posted: Field Day 2013 Aalbum


Bill Martin K4JBV SSB
Ken Wisell K1KEN SSB
Rich Hillyer K9RWH SSB GOTA
Den Spiess W2DEN CW
Net Spiess N2RDX Logger










SNN 6 showed up and over the weekend the following video aired about once an hour: