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Field Day 2017 At The ARC

SERC will be sponsoring a Field Day site at the Red Cross on June 24 and 25

Anyone interested in participating please contact Den (W2DEN)

Details as we get closer

Amateur Radio License Testing

All license classes // 9 – 10 AM // June 3 for more info

What are we working on?

HF antennas… need two multi-band HF asap.

Finalize the Red Cross radio room.

Also need a few items:

SERC Radio Room Refurbish Fund

  • Client computer (On site)( $250)
  • 3 audio distribution boxes ($100) < donated
  • UV resistant rope ($115.91 Rcv’d 4/26)*
  • ~30″ TV with HD tuner
  • 75 ohm coax for the TV
  • HD TV antenna
  • Digital rotor control box
This fund will be open ended. As items come up they will be added .

As items are funded they will be so marked

All contributions will be noted below and tracked by SDG’s ‘treasurer’

All purchases from this fund will become the property of the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club.

  Contributors: The SDG Lunch Crew, WA1YZN, WB9AYD, W8XG

*receipt in SDG Fund folder.

SERC Fund Raiser

!! Thanks Thanks  Thanks  Thanks  Thanks !!

We did it ….. $2200 raised

$2195.40 Spent

$4.60 will be the start of our next fund.


The top of the  line Pactor Modem; P4dragon DR-7800 and two SignaLinks for the SERC/ARC radio room have been ordered. 

The Pactor modem will be connected to the Icom 746 Pro ( ($1985.50)  )

The SignaLinks to a Kenwood HF and to a V/UHF radio ($209.90)

The modem will be used during emergencies to  provide reliable, high speed, digital HF communications outside of the affected area. While the PACTOR-4 protocol is not yet FCC approved this modem can handle PACTOR-2 and -3. Its -4 capabilities will have us ready when the FCC rubber-stamps that protocol.

PACTOR is the primary mode used by the Winlink HF network. Should local communications be shut down SERC will maintain the ability to communicate via PACTOR / Winlink with the rest of the world. 

The modem will be connected to an HF radio in the Red Cross Radio Room and be part of the Sarasota Digital Network that has been under development.

Thanks: W2DEN / N2RDX, AJ4FW, W8XG, N4LPK, KJ4SV, KI4EFJ, KB2ICN, WB9AYD, W4VIN / KA4BOB, KE8B, K4JBV, W3ATR, KG4ZOW, K4FLV, KE8B, SDN Team, SERC, A Friend of the SDN, SDG, Deer Prairie II Crew, SERC Members, A very generous 3/7 lunch crew


We are pricing and configuring the Pactor 4 modem, need the right wires etc. Should be ~$2000. Left overs will go toward Signalink interfaces and beyond.

The ‘cookie’ jar will remain a fixture. We could use a nice dual band u/vhf radio.

73 SDG

Thank you and let the giving begin!

The Giving Partner of The Community Foundation of Sarasota County

has approved the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club’s profile,

which is now available for viewing and contributing donations at:

Enjoy reading through this easy-to-navigate site describing our history and our goals with letters of support from The American Red Cross Executive Director, Megarie van Sickle and SERC President Bill Franklin. Thank you both for speaking with your heart in support of our mission.

A ‘DONATE NOW’ button in the upper right corner encourages potential donors to pledge their support. Donors are able to chose from the Needs list or contribute monetary donations using their credit card.

Club members are encouraged to submit ideas for consideration to be included on the Needs page as spots become available. There are currently five items that are viewable, as that is a maximum number of items that the profile allows. We will rotate the list regularly for good exposure. Throughout the profile there are references explaining SERC’s role in local Emergency Communications, different methods and modes used and how they work, and how donations from the community can make a difference.

In the event that a potential donor would like a more in-depth look into the dynamics of our club, it would be important for any of our members to be able to explain the various methods, modes and practices of amateur radio used in our community. This is an invitation to our membership to participate in strengthening the culture of the Sarasota Emergency Radio Club from a passive, ready-to-serve organization into a strong, connected, enthusiastic group of hams who continue to learn, advance and serve our community. Thank you for your support!

Micky Taylor KM4BHF
SERC Grant Committee Chair



PayPal has made it to the SERC web site YEA!

You can now pay your dues, new or renewal via PayPal.

Navigate to the Join / Contact Page ( HERE )

Pick your membership level (Single or Family) then enter your e-mail and click pay.

Even if you are just renewing please fill-in and submit the membership application so we can confirm your information

This is new so please let us know if you have any problems or suggestions

( )


We have reached our goal of $1200 for the Laurel Repeater (145.130 SAR-2) duplexer.

Thanks to all who contributed:

Derek Parker Dick Hullfish Eddie Palmer Jim Broome
Net & Den


Rick Brown SERC Bill Martin
Joseph Everett Herb Lauber Brent Parker 2J Farms (Chuck Johnston)
Doug Reynolds Bill Franklin Micky Taylor Will Wright

Bob Vrabel


Sarasota Emergency Radio Club Events

  • Tour de Cure: April 9, 2017, mark your calendars. ( Link )
  • Field Day at the ARC June 24 and 25

Other Amateur Events

New NetACS LogoTransparent

Who: Sarasota ACS

When: 7:30 PM on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (Calendar)

Where: SERC 147.390 (SAR-5) repeater.

What: To discuss ACS activities and related subjects.

This is a controlled net so please listen to the net control operator for instructions.

All are invited

Sarasota County Annual Hurricane Drill

May 5, 2017

flspota-logoFlorida State Parks on the Air

An all year event with a special contest day of 4/1/17

Anyone interested in a portable operation to a local State Park


Sarasota Digital Network

Perhaps you haven’t noticed all the packet activity on 144.950. Well that frequency has become a bee hive of buzzes and other strange sounds of multiple packets flying around the county.

A small team of locals has been hard at work establishing a rather broad network of WinLink, BBS’ and other packet related systems throughout Sarasota County.

Details can be found here:


Join in SERC’s Wednesday night net and let the control operator know you want to know more about the SDN or contact us at:


All it takes is a letter to Rep. Vern Buchanan
We CAN make a difference. Take 5 minutes and send a letter to the ARRL as explained in the link.

More information is available : Link

What to do in case of a local emergency:

Now located on the EmComm Post ( Link )

Update: the SERC Digital Repeater Project (DMR)

Micky KM4BHF has written a terriffic article on our DMR installation in our ‘Your Elmer’ section

Here’s the Link

The repeater is on loan to SERC, for as long as we utilize it from Nick DeRoda (N2JTI), Micky’s ( KM4BHV) brother. Nick has been an amateur radio operator for 25 years. He climbs towers for a living and resides in NJ. He coached his sister Michele (Micky) who passed the test to become a ham radio operator last year. Michele is an SERC member. Nick donated the DMR repeater and additional support to the club as we get the repeater up and running.  Thank you, Nick!

Shacks & Ants

A new photo album has been added ( Link ) called ‘Shacks and Ants’. It will feature your photos of your radio shack, Go Box etc. and your antennas.

Of course we need your pictures to post… so take a snapshot or two fo your shack and antennas and send the to and we will gladly post them.

N2RDX_Front_VeryLoResPaper the Walls

How about adding your QSL card to the N4SER shack’s wall?

Bring one to a meeting or mail one to Den (QRZ address is OK)

We’ll put it up in the shack.

SERC Members only please.

Have you checked into our Wednesday Night Net???

7 PM every Wednesday

146.730 (-) PL 100

WinLink:Winlink Logo

On the air (144.950 MHz):

N4SER-10: e-mail gateway

N4SER digipeater air

DIY: Soundcard WinLink.. how you can put WinLink in your shack without a TNC..

THANKS to those who contributed time and/or $ W3DJM, K4FLV, AK4YH, W9SMR, AJ4FW, W2DEN / N2RDX, K4JBV

Everything you ever wanted to know about WinLink on our Elmer pages: HERE

Want to get more involved?


The Red Cross needs you.

Radio operators are needed to help the Red Cross during a disaster. Working in the Red Cross Chapter House, operating from a shelter etc. If you are interested talk with Den W2DEN and he can help you get signed up..